A very healthy recipe

Few Ingredients

Our label of ingredients is very small! Because Bella Molisana products are as simple and natural as the carefully chosen ingredients: milk, salt (just the right amount!), rennet and milk ferments. Not forgetting the spring water of the Matese mountains where the freshly produced mozzarellas are immersed.

Moreover, our mozzarella is slow. We take it slow at Bella Molisana, ensuring the highest quality, safety and healthiness in our production. We start from pasteurized milk to avoid the alteration of the casein and to allow for better stretching. We prefer the natural maturation of the curd with milk ferments. That way the process is much longer than when using citric acid.

So we start from the milk and let it rest for the time required to clot. Once the curd is ready, we cut it into small chunks with a “harp” or a knife. Finally, after the separation of the whey in the drainage tanks, our curd rests for hours until it reaches the right PH.

This all guarantees unique organoleptic properties and a completely genuine, simple and natural, succulent product that is rich in buttermilk.

That is how we make our mozzarella at Bella Molisana. Just as it was made centuries ago. From the alchemy of those four natural ingredients, nothing else.

A Very Healthy recipe, Simple and Natural

A Molise recipe: the role of the milk ferments

Our mozzarella is slow. We at Bella Molisana in Campochiaro don’t hurry things, following the best Molise dairy traditions. We start from pasteurized fresh milk to ensure safety and healthiness to our products.

We have always preferred the natural maturation of the curd, exclusively through milk ferments, being much longer than when using citric and/or lactic acid (the label would show the presence of an acidity regulator).

And our mozzarella, obtained through maturation with milk ferments, is naturally lower in lactose, consumed by the micro-organisms inserted into the milk. So it is more digestible and tasty, needing only the addition of a little salt, final ingredient in the process.

So, the milk ferments ensure both a better taste and a lighter, more easily digested cheese. Making Bella Molisana a product particularly suitable for children and the elderly.

Simple and Natural

We begin with fresh milk

We begin with fresh pasteurized milk here at Bella Molisana. To avoid alteration of the casein and allow the best possible stretching.

Milk is one of the most complete, nutritious foodstuffs. It is drunk at any age and is highly recommended for children and the elderly in particular. It is rich in calcium and vitamin D (essential for the formation of bones and teeth), vitamin groups A and B, and contains all the amino acids the human organism needs to stay healthy.

The properties of milk are simple, but rich in nutritive substances. In addition to milk ferments, those being “live” ingredients too, the animal rennet and salt give rise to the magic of our pride and joy, the fresh Bella Molisana mozzarella.

Our milk is very carefully selected by our cheesemakers: rich and delicious, it comes from a channelled system (entirely traceable), certified, and in no way GM.

Simple and Natural

Less Lactose

Bella Molisana, as all cow’s milk mozzarellas with slow processing, has a low lactose content, being made with milk ferments . Milk ferments turn the lactose, the sugar in the milk, into lactic acid. The curd, that rests for some hours, is formed by adding rennet. During this time, the milk ferments work more or less on all the sugar. So the lactose is partly consumed by the micro-organisms in the milk.

We at Bella Molisana only make cheese in one way. Slowly. All our products, following the best Molise dairy traditions, come from a natural maturation of the curd, entirely attributable to the milk ferments.

The low lactose content makes Bella Molisana mozzarella particularly soft and easy to digest. And the milk ferments guarantee taste and flavour.

Simple and Natural

Children love us

We perform market analysis to collect a lot of data. One particularly fills us with pride: children love Bella Molisana. More than half of our customers are parents choosing Bella Molisana for their young children.

Why is that? Our “slow” processing with milk ferments ensures a lower lactose content and makes our mozzarella soft and easy to digest while remaining really delicious. And few ingredients (just milk, salt, rennet and milk ferments) is synonymous with the healthy properties of Bella Molisana mozzarella. Lastly, our logistics ensures a very fresh mozzarella, so even more tasty and rich in milk!

Bella Molisana is a substantial main course for children. Perhaps accompanied by fresh salad or fresh seasonal tomatoes in the summer, or by tasty vegetables from the garden. And it is a joy to eat “al tegamino”, a simple recipe for mums and very tasty for children.

In short, Bella Molisana is always a tasty choice. And healthy too!

That’s why children love us.

Simple and Natural