The quality behind the taste

As our customers tell us, Bella Molisana has a unique taste. Even children recognize the taste of a Bella Molisana mozzarella.

Its uniqueness lies in its lightness and delicacy whilst keeping taste and flavour. This is the quality of Bella Molisana behind its fantastic taste: the richness of its pasteurized milk, the purity of the water of the Matese mountains, into which the warm mozzarellas are immersed, the quality of the milk ferments used to mature the stretched cheese.

Quality means simplicity at Bella Molisana. Our mozzarella has just four ingredients: milk, salt, rennet and milk ferments. The production process is simple, old style, respecting Molise cheesemaking traditions.

And the quality of Bella Molisana is enhanced by its freshness! We work through the night to ensure a really fresh mozzarella, ready to enjoy… Discover the taste of Bella Molisana.

Simple and Natural

Craftsmanship at work

Cheesemaking artisan style.

The stretching is very delicate. Since the quality of our mozzarella depends on it, no machinery comes into play. Our dairyman takes charge, delicately breaking off a handful of curd with his hands and placing it into a ladle containing water at a temperature of about 85°C; he melts the curd using a wooden stick and stretches it into a long thread, softening it with hot water, pure water from the Matese mountains.

He thus turns the cheese mass into a silky strip. Shiny, soft and, above all, malleable.

The mozzarella is then solidified in cold running water.

Our Cheese Factory

Our cheese factory is in Campochiaro, a wonderful, unspoiled place, immersed in the nature around the Matese mountains, WWF oasis of Guardiaregia in Molise.

Our factory has two hearts, one industrial, the other artisanal. The industrial heart shows through in the precision of production, careful attention to food safety and a greater focus on packaging in tubs, as sold at gastronomy counters, than wrapped mozzarella. Tubs ensure our product remains intact, uncontaminated from the production line to the plates of our dear customers.

The artisanal soul of Bella Molisana lies in the stretching, tying of mozzarella braids and knots, shaping the head of dried scamorza, all of which are handled by our expert cheesemaker. And in sticking to the longer times required by a production with milk ferments as in the best Molise dairy tradition.

Simple and Natural

Our Expert Cheesemakers

Our expert cheesemakers play the lead role in the Bella Molisana magic. Their knowledge passes down through generations.

The cheesemakers take charge of the curdling, knowing just the right moment for the stretching: they finely break off a handful of curd with their own hands and drop it into a ladle containing water at a temperature of about 85°C; the curd is melted using a wooden stick and stretched into a long thread.

The cheesemakers keep stretching the curdled mass, softened by immersion in hot water, and turn it into a silky, shiny, soft and, above all, malleable strip. The cheesemakers work the stretched mass, knotting and shaping it, and then immerse the soft, white product in the spring waters from the Matese mountains, where they solidify and cool.

The magic is complete.

Simple and Natural

Great logistics for a very fresh mozzarella

Really fresh mozzarella is even better! At Bella Molisana we are committed to ensuring freshness every day. With strategically positioned warehouses, investment in organization and innovation, and an efficient, capillary distribution network, logistics at Bella Molisana is always impeccable: we can receive and handle any type of order and reach any point of sale in just a few hours. That is why Bella Molisana is always delicious! Simple and Natural