Natural Recipe

Just Milk, Salt, Rennet and Milk ferments in our Bella Molisana mozzarellas.

Our Mozzarella is slow

Some 16 hours of work to make our mozzarella: with just milk ferments.


We stretch the curd, tie the mozzarella braids and knots and shape the heads of the scamorza like in the old days.

A Long History of Freshness and Tradition from Molise

Bella Molisana has always made its dairy products following the traditions of Molise. Craftmanship with just a few simple, natural ingredients, following traditional recipes.

A long production time lies at the heart of Bella Molisana craftsmanship: 16 hours of work… just the right time for the milk ferments to allow the maturation of the milk that then gives rise to the stretched curd.

The stretching and tying of the mozzarella braids and knots, and making the heads of dried scamorza cheese, are also manual: all thanks to the talent of our skilled cheese-makers. Only in this way can Bella Molisana always guarantee the high quality of its fresh products.

A freshness on which our customers can always count, excellent organization and efficient distribution network ensuring Bella Molisana reaches all the points of sale within a few hours of production.

Our dairy products

Our product range represents the classics of the Molise dairy traditions

Bella Molisana mozzarella is our pride. Rich in milk, tasty, but light and natural since produced with live milk ferments. Made at sunrise, it quickly arrives on our plates, ensuring its freshness.


Bella Molisana butter is produced from the top layer through a process that ensures the production of a product made up of just the exquisite, light top of the milk!


A very fresh delicacy made from whey proteins, separated from the curd during the Bella Molisana process. It has a delicate, sweet taste.


Just a mozzarella with less water, thus its name “dried” scamorza. That is the secret behind its fantastic flavour: less water, more taste! We make two types: natural and smoked.




plunged daily into a tank of spring water from the Matese mountains



to make Bella Molisana, from the pasteurized milk to the packaging



to produce 15,000 tubs of mozzarella



to deliver Bella Molisana mozzarella daily as far as 300 km

Our land

Bella Molisana was born in Campochiaro at the foot of the Matese mountain range, Guardiaregia WWF oasis in Molise.

You can find us there, close to Altilia and the important Samnite archaeological site, witness to our lands always being home to a great tradition of dairy produce.

Mozzarella is a part of the Molise culture. The air, water, nature and the experience behind choosing the right moment for the curdling, the way of stretching, tying mozzarella braids and knots, are all precious, typically Molise ingredients. Simple. Natural.